Spring mood. Tashkent. Uzbekistan


Spring mood
The Uzbek artists decided one's own way to congratulate all women: in Tashkent on the eve of 8th March an exhibition, devoted this holiday, was opened. There are 200 works on an opening day - mainly, women-artists. They presented different styles: colourful pictures, batik, portraits, landscape. A few sculptures of different forms, installation "Splash" of the Uzbek artists also entered in a spring display. With respect to men-artists, their works are devoted appearances of east women: for them the beautiful women of Central Asiatics are unique from point of natural information and from point of fine art - as difficult, interesting models.

The visitors of display are while unnumerous: but dipped in the atmosphere of holiday and bright paints there is possibility at all persons interested - an exhibition will last till about the end of March

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